Progressive Rock

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Keef Hartley
United Kingdom

Years: 1960s - 1980s
Styles: Blues Rock, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock, Rhythm and Blues


Keef Hartley - Drums


Jess Roden - Vocals
Junior Marvin - Guitar, Vocals
Jean Rouselle - Keyboards
Mick Weaver - Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer
Phil Chen - Bass Guitar
Elkie Brooks - Backing vocals
Robert Palmer - Vocals

Biography Picture    Keith "Keef" Hartley  was an English drummer and bandleader. He fronted his own eponymous band, known as the Keef Hartley Band or the Keef Hartley Big Band, and was the first British band to play at Woodstock.

     Keef Hartley was later a member of Dog Soldier, and variously worked with Rory Storm, The Artwoods and John Mayall.

    His career began as the replacement for Ringo Starr as drummer for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, a Liverpool-based band. Hartley was enlisted by the London based R&B band The Artwoods, whose line-up included future Deep Purple leader Jon Lord.

  Hartley formed his own Keef Hartley Band in 1968 with talented Scottish singer and guitarist Miller Anderson (who would later play with Savoy Brown) and future Uriah Heap bassist Gary Thain, the band releasing its debut album, "Half Breed", in 1969. 

      Hartley disappeared from music in the 1980s, working as a cabinet maker and refurbishing recording studios. He released a biography titled "Halfbreed" (A Rock and Roll Journey That Happened Against All the Odds) in 2007, writing about his youth and career, including the Keef Hartley Band's appearance at Woodstock.

       Hartley died on 26 November 2011, aged 67, at Royal Preston Hospital in Preston.


Lancashire Hustler (1973)

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