Jazz Rock

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2nd Vision
United Kingdom

Years: 1977 - 1981
Styles: Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock


Dave Bristow - Fender Rhodes , Piano, Synthesizer
John Etheridge - Guitar
Mickey Barker - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1977 - 1980)
Ric Sanders - Electric violin, Violin (in band: 1977 - 1981)
Jonathan Davie - Bass Guitar (in band: 1979 - 1980)


Fred Thelonious Baker - Bass Guitar (in band: 1981)
Nick Twyman - Drums (in band: 1981)

Biography Picture     2nd Vision was a British jazz-rock band notable for including guitarist John Etheridge and violinist Ric Sanders, both former members of Soft Machine.

     The roots of 2nd Vision were sown in 1977 when Sanders invited keyboard player Dave Bristow and drummer Mickey Barker, both of whom he'd already played with in his Birmingham days, to form an improvising unit named Surrounding Silence, which debuted at the Riverside Jazz Festival in August 1977.

     After Etheridge and ex-Gryphon bassist Jonathan Davie joined them, the band, renamed 20/20 Vision, played a well-received gig at the Alexandra Palace in May 1979. It released the album First Steps. There was an attempt to continue the band with a revised line-up, including bassist Fred Thelonious Baker and drummer Nick Twyman, , but sadly this was to be its swansong.


First Steps (1980)

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