Psychedelic Rock

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United Kingdom

Years: Jan, 1969 - Jul, 1972
Styles: Canterbury Scene, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Clive Brooks - Drums (in band: 1969 - 1972)
Mont Campbell - Bass Guitar, French Horn , Piano, Vocals (in band: 1969 - 1972)
Dave Stewart - Mellotron, Organ, Piano (in band: 1969 - 1972)

Biography Picture     Egg were an English progressive rock band  formed  in January 1969.

    The founding members of the group were Dave Stewart who played organ, Mont Campbell on bass and vocals and drummer Clive Brooks. The band emerged from an earlier quartet formed whilst at City of London School called Uriel with guitarist Steve Hillage. After Hillage left the band in August 1968, the other three continued as a trio. In mid 1969 The Egg signed a deal with Decca's 'progressive' music subsidiary Deram and released their debut album in March 1970.

     While not a commercial success, it was received well enough for the label to finance the recording of a follow-up, but when the time came to release it, they got cold feet and it was all but shelved, until producer Neil Slaven's lobbying finally resulted in "The Polite Force" coming out in February 1971. Now signed to The Groundhogs' management company, Egg finished the year with an increased touring schedule, but in spite of accumulating enough material for a third album, were unable to secure another record deal, and called it a day in July 1972.

     In 1974, Stewart, now signed with Virgin as a member of Hatfield and the North, got a deal for Egg to record their unreleased material, which resulted in the farewell album "The Civil Surface".


Egg (Mar, 1970)
Polite Force (Feb, 1971)
Civil Surface (1974)

Singles & EPs

Seven Is A Jolly Good Time (Aug 29, 1969)

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