Canterbury Scene

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United Kingdom

Years: Dec, 1967 - Jul, 1968
Styles: Canterbury Scene, Psychedelic Rock


Steve Hillage - Lead guitar, Vocals (in band: Juny 1969)
Dave Stewart - Keyboards (in band: Juny 1969)
Clive Brooks - Drums (in band: Juny 1969)
Mont Campbell - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: Juny 1969)

Biography Picture     The band Arzachel was a pseudonym of the band Uriel, a short-lived English psychedelic rock band during the 1960s, composed of Steve HillageDave StewartClive Brooks and Mont Campbell (bass/vocals). Uriel were formed in London, in 1967.

    They initially played covers of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and The Nice. After Hillage left in 1968 to attend university, the remaining trio began playing original material written by Campbell and Stewart and  in early 1969 changed their name to Egg, the Canterbury scene progressive rock band.

     Uriel re-united to produce their sole album in June 1969, a one-off psychedelic project under an assumed name Arzachel (named after a crater on the moon, itself named after a medieval Spanish astronomer). The musicians also used pseudonyms on the album:

     There  is  a  strange,  almost  spectral  aura to the production  here; it  sounds  like  it  was recorded  in  a  church.  Featuring  a  young Steve  Hillage  on  guitar and keyboard  master  Dave  StewartArzachel  were a  continuation of  Uriel and  a precursor  to  proggers  Egg. "Garden 0f  Earthly  Delights"  is  a  classic opener, and that  is  followed  by  some dark moments  on  "Azafhoth".  The almost  trip-hop, chilled  out  vibes  of  "Queen  St. Gangareway" ahead of their  time.  legis  another  surprise; based  on  the  Cream-popularised  Muddy Waters  classic "Rollin' And  Tumblin' ",iI could be  described  as  gothic blues.


Arzachel (1969)

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