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Woods Band

Years: 1970 -
Styles: Folk Rock


Terry Woods - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Concertina, Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Gay Woods - Autoharp , Bodhrán, Concertina, Dulcimer, Vocals


Ed Deane - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Guitar, Harpsichord, Slide guitar
Pat Nash - Drums, Vocals

Biography Picture    The husband-wife duo of Terry Woods and Gay Woods is known mostly for their brief stint in the first line-up of Steeleye Span, which lasted for just one album and a few months before the couple left.

    Terry Woods could with some justice claim to be one of the founding fathers of electric folk in Britain.  He is known for his membership in such folk and folk-rock groups as The PoguesSteeleye SpanSweeney's MenThe Bucks and, briefly, Dr. Strangely Strange and Dublin rock band Orphanage, with Phil Lynott, as well as in a duo/band with his then wife, Gay, billed initially as The Woods Band and later as Gay and Terry Woods.  

   The Woods Band released one self-titled album in December 1971 that actually sounded rather similar to, and held its own with, Steeleye Span's own early work. The record was a respectable mixture of traditional material and originals (largely from the pen of Terry Woods), with standard rock instruments embellished by mandola, concertina, autoharp, dulcimer, bodhran, and harpsichord.

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The Woods Band (1971)

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