Blues Rock

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United States

Years: 1970 - 1973
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Southern Rock


Lenny Lee Goldsmith - Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Jones - Guitar, Vocals
David L. Johnson - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Barry "Frosty" Smith - Drums


Rex W. Ludwick - Drums (in band: 1973)
Bobby Burns - Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1973)

Biography Picture

     Sweathog was an American rock band.

   Group members Lenny Goldsmith and David Leonard Johnson first met in 1967 while Johnson was playing in a group called The Persuaders at the Wayne Manor nightclub in Sunnyvale, California. After Johnson did a stint with the Beach Boys and Dr. John, he reconvened with Lenny and formed Sweathog along with Barry "Frosty" Smith, also known as Bartholomew Eugene Smith-Frost, who at that time was playing with Lee Michaels and had been in Lenny's band in San Jose. Robert Morris "BJ" Jones played with Johnson in Blue Mountain Eagle and was invited to join Sweathog.

    In October 1970, Sweathog became the house band at The Chronicle, a night club in the San Fernando Valley managed by Ed Jordan. Soon after they released two albums on CBS Records in the early 1970s, and are best known for their hit single "Hallelujah", which hit #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1971. "Halleljuah" was written by Mitch Bottler, Roberta Twain and Gary Zekley.

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Sweathog (1971)
Hallelujah (1972)

Singles & EPs

Hallelujah (Oct 18, 1971)
Ride, Louise, Ride (1972)
Things Yet To Come (1972)

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