Experimental rock

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Years: 1965 - 1967
Styles: Experimental Rock, Garage Rock, Proto punk, Psychedelic Rock


Gary Burger - Guitar, Vocals
Larry Spangler - Organ
Dave Havlicek - Banjo
Roger Johnston - Drums
Eddie Shaw - Bass Guitar

Biography Picture        The Monks were a garage rock band, formed by American GIs who were based in Germany in the mid-to-late 1960s. They began playing together in 1964, calling themselves the 5 Torquays. The Monks released one album, "Black Monk Time", which was characterized by repetitive, primitive music and chanted lyrics.

   Havlicek and Spangler adopted the stage names of Day and Clark. Dave Day dumped his guitar in favor of a six-string Picture

     Upon their discharge from the army the band developed a distinctive musical style, and took up a distinctive name and image to go with it. The transition from their earlier, more conventional and less provocative aesthetic to the abrasive and cutting-edge sound of their "Black Monk Time" period was partly induced by the influence of "a pair of loopy existentialist visionaries" called Walther Niemann and Karl-H.-Remy. Remy, a university student of design in Ulm, and Niemann, a student of Folkwang Arts Academy in Essen, "designed" The Monks as "anti-Beatles": short hair with tonsures, black clothes, ropes around the neck, image of being hard and dangerous.

      The Monks broke up in 1967.


Black Monk Time (Mar, 1966)

Singles & EPs

Oh, How to Do Now (1966)
I Can't Get Over You (Oct, 1966)
Love Can Tame the Wild / He Went Down to the Sea (1967)

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