Progressive Rock

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Years: Oct 17, 1969 - 1972
Styles: Progressive Rock


Jean-Paul Janssens - Bass Guitar
Marc Malyster - Organ (in band: 1969 - 1970)
Dirk Bogaert - Flute, Vocals (in band: 1969 - 1972)
Gus Roan - Guitar (in band: 1969 - 1972)
Jacky Mauer - Drums (in band: 1969 - 1972)


Rick Urmel - Bass Guitar (in band: 1970)
John Van Rymenant - Saxophone (in band: 1970 - 1970)
Jean-Paul Musette - Bass Guitar (in band: 1970 - 1972)
Frank Wuyts - Organ (in band: 1970 - 1972)

Biography Picture

     The origins of Belgian group Waterloo can be traced back to the meeting and the gathering in October 1969 of five musicians from two then-recently disbanded acts which had achieved national recognition. Bass-player Jean-Paul Janssens and drummer Jacky Mauer had been members of the Brussels-based blues-rock power trio Adam's Recital, fronted by singer-guitarist Adam Hoptman: guitar player Gus Roan, singer/flautist Dirk Bogaert and keyboard player Marc Malyster had played in the Ghent combo Today's Version.

     The band was officially created on Friday, 17th October 1969.

     The band started to gig extensively, first in Brussels and Belgium, then in France, performing in the North, the East (Dijon) and at Lyon's Palais des Sports, where they opened the show for French variety star Claude Francois.

     Waterloo started auditioning for a replacement; bass player Rick Urmel from Ghent was retained but he left after only a few rehearsals and was replaced permanently by Jean-Paul Musette, a respected musician from Brussels. Shortly afterwards, Marc Malyster decided to leave too; he wanted to start a new project with the pop duo Jess & James. To replace him, Jacky thought about Frank Wuyts, an organ player whose talent had impressed him when he heard him perform with a dance band. The members of Waterloo used to visit a bookshop in Brussels, which was run by a music freak, John Van Rymenant, who also played saxophone with different bands.

     Waterloo were also regular visitors to France's major venues, playing several times at the famous Gibus club in Paris, for example from 3rd to 7th March, 1971, alas without John who had injured his hand. On that occasion, the musicians took the opportunity to jam with several members of Magma, notably Francois Cahen and Francis Moze.


First Battle (1970)

Singles & EPs

I Can't Live With Nobody But You / Smile (1970)
Meet Again / The Guy in the Neighbourhood (1970)
Plastic Mind / Tumblin' Jack (1970)
A Bad Time / Bobo's Dream (1971)

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