Psychedelic Rock

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Quiet World
United Kingdom

Years: 1969 -1970
Styles: Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


John Heather - Acoustic guitar , Vocals
John Hackett - Acoustic guitar , Flute
Sean O'Mally - Drums
Eddy Hines - Flute, Saxophone
Steve Hackett - Acoustic guitar , Guitar, Harmonica
Dick Driver - Bass Guitar
Phil Henderson - Backing vocals, Organ, Piano, Trumpet
Lea Heather - Percussion, Vocals
Gil Gilbert - Vocals

Biography Picture      Quiet World were an English band formed by the Heather Brothers in 1969 to record their concept album "The Road". The group included Steve Hackett on guitar, his younger brother John Hackett on flute, Gill Gilbert on vocals, Lea Heather vocals and percussion, Neil Heather composers, John Heather vocals and acoustic guitar, Sean O'Mally on drums, Eddy Hines flute and sax, Dick Driver string bass and electric bass, Phil Henderson conductor/arranger, piano, trumpet, organ, recorder and backing vocals.

     A 7" single "Miss Whittington" / "There is a Mountain" was released on the Dawn label in 1969 (as The Quiet World of Lea & John) and Quiet World released their debut album "The Road" in 1970. Shortly thereafter, Steve Hackett left to join the progressive rock group Genesis as lead guitarist.


Road (1970)

Singles & EPs

Miss Whittington / There Is a Mountain (Sep 5, 1969)
Children of the World / Love Is Walking (Jun 12, 1970)
Rest Comfortably / Gemima (Nov 6, 1970)
The Visitor / Sam (Jun 4, 1971)

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