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Yellow Autumn
United States

Years: 1970 - 1978
Styles: Acid Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Gary Creighton - Acoustic guitar , Bongos, Dulcimer, Flute, Guitar, Vibes, Vocals


Erb Swanigan - Cello, Flute
Lorraine Dechter - Guitar, Tambourine, Triangle, Vocals

Biography Picture    Group Yellow Autumn was founded Californian musician Gary Creighton, stylistic preferences that are in the field of progressive music, blues, psychedelia and folk-rock. Team played with a little creativity timeouts for several years, during which his name is modified from the Yellow Autumn Orchestra to Yellow Autumn Minstrels , until, finally, were recorded in the most concise form. Musical biography of the ensemble is divided into three major historical stages.

First - covers the period from the late sixties to early seventies. Gary Creighton - on drums. The second convocation Yellow Autumn occurred in 1972 , and was disbanded in 1973 th. This structure has made ​​signing a record deal, but the drive for unknown reasons never appeared on the shelves of music stores. 

    The third variation on the theme of Yellow Autumn was formed in 1977 and in addition, the group leader of the team were: spouse Gary Creighton - singer, guitarist, Lorraine Dechter and flutist / cellist Erb Swanigan.



Children of the Mist (1977)

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