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Years: 1976 - 1981
Styles: Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Krautrock


Bruno Perosa - Drums, Percussion
Sebastian Leitner - Guitar (in band: 1976 - 1981)
Gerd Hoch - Vocals (in band: 1976 - 1981)
Harald Kaltenecker - Keyboards (in band: 1976 - 1981)
Vincent Trost - Bass Guitar (in band: 1976 - 1981)


Robert Wimmer - Guitar
Ali Halmatoglu - Drums
Seppl Niemayer - Drums (in band: 1976)

Biography Picture    The group was formed as Bulldogg.

     Due to the fact that in the already two bands with the name Bulldogg (US) and Bulldogg Breed (UK) did exist, therefore their record label recommended the name Bullfrog. Under this name the first album appeared in Autumn 1976, the album cover was created by the Japanese painter ant artist Aoi Fujimoto.

    "High In Spirits" was the second album by the German rockband Bullfrog, released in 1978 on SKY Records.  The music of Bullfrog departed from the style and standard of German rock bands. It was a mixture which referred to the American rhythm and blues without losing its originality.

    They released 3 albums. A fourth was recorded, but never released. In 1981 they split and disappeared. Bullfrog was famous for their live concerts.


Bullfrog (1976)
High In Spirits (1977)
Second Wind (1980)

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