Psychedelic Rock

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Rising Sons
United States

Years: 1964 - 1966
Styles: Blues Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Ed Cassidy - Drums (in band: 1964 - 1965)
Taj Mahal - Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1966)
Ry Cooder - 12 string guitar, Bottleneck guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Slide guitar, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1966)
Gary Marker - Bass Guitar (in band: 1964 - 1966)
Jesse Lee Kincaid - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1966)


Kevin Kelley - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1965 - 1966)

Biography Picture  Rising Sons was a Los Angeles, California-based band founded in 1964.

   The original lineup was a 17-year old Ry Cooder (vocals, six and 12-string guitar, mandolin, slide and bottleneck guitar, dobro), Taj Mahal (vocals, harmonica, guitar, piano), Gary Marker (bass), Jesse Lee Kincaid (born Nick Gerlach,[1] vocals and guitar) and Ed Cassidy (drums). Cassidy had to leave in 1965 after he injured his wrist playing an epic version of "Statesboro Blues" with the band. He was replaced by Kevin Kelley.

     The group was signed to Columbia Records but their only album, produced by Terry Melcher, was not issued at the time. One single, "Candy Man"/"The Devil's Got My Woman", did surface, but the group disbanded in 1966.

     Their recorded material became widely bootlegged and nearly three decades later was eventually released by Columbia Records under the title "Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder" (1992).

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Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal And Ry Cooder (1992)

Singles & EPs

Candy Man / The Devil's Got My Woman (Feb 14, 1966)

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