Garage Rock

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United States

Years: Sep, 1964 - 1969
Styles: Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Sam Linde - Drums (in band: 1964)
Mike Ferguson - Keyboards, Piano (in band: 1964 - 1967)
George Hunter - Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1968)
Richard Olsen - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1969)
Mike Wilhelm - Lead guitar, Vocals (in band: 1964 - 1969)


Lynne Hughes - Vocals (in band: 1965)
Dan Hicks - Drums, Guitar (in band: 1965 - 1968)
Patrick Bogerty - Keyboards (in band: 1967 - 1968)
Terry Wilson - Drums (in band: 1967 - 1969)
Darell De Vore - Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1968 - 1969)

Biography Picture     The Charlatans were an influential psychedelic rock band that played a role in the development of the San Francisco music scene during the 1960s and are often cited by critics as being the first group to play in the style that became known as the San Francisco Sound.

     Exhibiting more pronounced jug band, country and blues influences than many bands from the same scene, the Charlatans’ rebellious attitude and distinctive, late 19th century fashions exerted a major influence on the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Their recorded output was small, with their first album, "The Charlatans", not being released until 1969, some years after the band's heyday.


The Charlatans (1969)

Singles & EPs

The Shadow Knows (1966)
High Coin (May, 1969)

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