Blues Rock

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Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit
United Kingdom

Years: 1971 - 1972
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock


Paul Kossoff - Guitar (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Simon Kirke - Drums, Vocals (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Tetsu Yamauchi - Bass Guitar (in band: 1971 - 1972)
John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1971 - 1972)

Biography Picture     Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit is the 1972 rock album made by guitarist Paul Kossoff, drummer Simon Kirke, bassist Tetsu Yamauchi and keyboard player John "Rabbit" Bundrick. Recorded after Free disbanded when "Highway" flopped, drummer Kirke elected to remain with guitar player Paul Kossoff forming a quartet with Bundrick and Yamauchi in 1971. 

   Kirke has noted that although initially Kossoff appeared in good spirits and was engaged in making the album he increasingly indulged in drugs often falling asleep between takes or while listening to playbacks.

    Although well received and filled with quality songwriting, "Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit" suffered from the lack of a strong lead vocalist like Rodgers. Kirke's song "Anna" was later re-recorded with Bad Company, the band that he and Rodgers established after the final break up of Free.

     After recording this one album Kossoff and Kirke rejoined a reformed Free in January 1972 and Tetsu and Rabbit followed in July.

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Kossoff Kirke Tetsu Rabbit (1972)

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