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Back Street Crawler
United States

Years: 1975 - 1976
Styles: Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock


Paul Kossoff - Guitar
Terry Slesser - Vocals
Tony Braunagel - Drums
Terry Wilson - Bass Guitar
Mike Montgomery - Keyboards (in band: 1975 - 1976)


John "Rabbit" Bundrick - Keyboards (in band: 1976)

Biography Picture  Back Street Crawler was a group of blues and rock musicians founded by guitarist Paul Kossoff (ex-Free), The band took the name from Kossoff's solo album, "Back Street Crawler".

   The first line up of Back Street Crawler included ex-Beckett vocalist Terry Wilson-Slesser, keyboardist Michael Montgomery, ex-Speedy Keen bassist Terry Wilson and drummer Tony Braunagel

    Their debut as a band was on 1975’s “The Band Plays On” LP but efforts to support the album’s release were hampered when Kossoff suffered a major heart attack - he was clinically dead for nearly thirty minutes - brought on by his well-publicised drug addiction.

   Keyboard player Mike Montgomery quit the band shortly afterwards, to be replaced by John 'Rabbit' Bundrick for a series of American concerts in early 1976. Again, ill-health on Kossoff's part, including the guitarist breaking his fingers, resulted in numerous shows being cancelled.

    With Kossoff still obviously ailing, session musician WG 'Snuffy' Walden committed much of the guitar to tape, Kossoff later playing lead over the mostly completed tracks. Walden also performed live, in the absence of Kossoff, with the band in February 1976.

    With Kossoff resuming his position, the band headlined four shows at the Starwood Club, Los Angeles. During the run of shows, Bad Company, were performing at the Los Angeles Forum and they joined Back Street Crawler onstage for two nights. The final night of the engagement, on March 3, 1976, was to be the final performance of both Paul Kossoff and Back Street Crawler.

    On 19 March 1976, whilst on a flight to New York, Kossoff died in his sleep, having suffered a recurrence of heart trouble. Following the posthumous release of "Second Street" the remaining band members shortened the group's name to Crawler.


The Band Plays On (Aug, 1975)
2nd Street (May, 1976)

Singles & EPs

The Band Plays On (1975)

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