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United Kingdom

Years: 1970 - 1974
Styles: Art Rock, Progressive Rock


Frankie Gibbon - Bass Guitar
Terry Wilson-Slesser - Vocals
Kenny Mountain - Guitar
Keith Fisher - Drums
Robert Barton - Guitar, Vocals


Arthur Ramm - Guitar
Ian Murray - Bass Guitar
Barry Black - Drums
Jimmy Wiley - Bass Guitar

Biography Picture   Beckett is a progressive rock band from Newcastle, who formed in 1970. 

   The group's first major performance was supporting UFO at Newcastle's City Hall. Beckett carved out a live reputation by performing residencies at the infamous Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. After Becket's single "Little Girl" released, Gibbons left to join Halfbreed and was replaced by Ian Murray (ex-Music, Goblin).

     Beckett was released their eponymously titled album, produced by Family's Roger Chapman, on the Raft label. On the live front Beckett supported the likes of Wizzard, Slade, Free, Ten Years After, Thin Lizzy and The Faces. The band performed at the 1974 Reading Festival. The Beckett concerts with Free would ultimately lead to an eventual union between Terry Wilson-Slesser and guitarist Paul Kossoff in Back Street Crawler.

     After their album "Beckett", Barton and Fisher left, being replaced by Arthur Ramm (ex-Les Humphries Singers) and Barry Black (ex-John Miles Set). Then Ian Murray departed, to be replaced by Jimmy Wiley (ex-Icarus).

     After the Beckett split, Wilson-Slesser went on to Back Stree Crawler, Wiley and Barton ended up in Captain Whizzo (1976) and Black rejoined John Miles.


Beckett (1974)

Singles & EPs

Little Girl / My Lady (1973)

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