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Years: 1969 - 1976
Styles: Beat, Country Rock, Pop Rock


Alex Smith - Bass Guitar (in band: 1969)
Malcolm Billdream - Washboard (in band: 1969)
Graham Coop - Guitar (in band: 1969)
Francis Butler - Autoharp , Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals (in band: 1969-1976)


Paul Wylde - Keyboards
Keith Longman - Drums, Vocals (in band: 1970 - ????)
Brian Bethell - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1970 -1973)
Peter Knox - Vocals (in band: 1971-1973)
Dave Ovendon - Drums, Vocals (in band: 1972-1973)
Peter Jarman - Drums (in band: 1973)
Ray Ferguson - Flute, Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals (in band: 1973 - ????)
Terry Stacey - Bass Guitar, Kazoo, Vocals (in band: 1973 - ????)
John McInerney - Drums (in band: Nov, 1973 - ????)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture    The 69'ers were a classic early Aussie "party" band. They played an eclectic, good-time mix of styles that combined rock'n'roll, country blues, vaudeville, jugband/kazoo/ washboard music and western swing.

The 69'ers were originally formed as an acoustic jug band. Founding member Francis Butler, (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, kazoo). The first line-up, along with Francis, included bassist Alex Smith , washboard player Malcolm Billdream and guitarist Graham Coop. They first drew attention to themselves in a rock band contest in mid-1969.  By this time the band had acquired Paul Wylde on keyboard.

They soon released their debut single, "On the Road Again" / "Cup of Tea Take Three".  1970 saw them as a trio, Francis Butler, Brian Bethell and Keith Longman .

     They issued a second single a year later, in December 1971, "Morning Blues/Push Bike Hood". Both tracks had been taken from their debut album for Du Monde, "The 69'ers Album". This album was produced by Martin Erdman and included four band originals and a diverse range of covers. Picture  In April 1973 Brian Bethell, Peter Knox and Dave Ovendon removed founding member and leader Francis Butler from the band and, adding guitarist Tony Burkys , renamed themselves Peter Knox's New Improved 69ers.

     Francis Butler responded by forming another version of The 69'ers, which initially operated under the name of Francis Butler's Original 69'ers. This line-up was made up of Ray Ferguson, Terry Stacey and Peter Jarman. Drummer John `Ernie' McInerney  replaced Peter Jarman in November 1973.

     In April 1974, The 69'ers, led by Francis Butler with Ray Ferguson, Terry Stacey and Ernie McInerney performed at Sunbury '74. A live album called simply "Francis Butler's 69'ers Live", was released around this time. Recorded at Sunbury '73 with the Butler, Knox, Bethell and Ovenden lineup the album cover only featured Francis photo and there were no lineup credits.

     The 69'ers finally broke up in February 1976


The 69’ers Album (1971)
Francis Butlers 69er's Live (1974)

Singles & EPs

On the Road / Cup of Tea Take Three (1970)
Morning Blues / Push Bike Hood (Dec, 1971)
Harry Rag / Happiness is Just for Me (Aug, 1972)
Flash / Back Seat Drivin' (1974)

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