Psychedelic rock

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United Kingdom

Years: 1966 - 1973
Styles: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Jim King - Flute, Harmonica, Saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Vocals (in band: 1966 - 1969)
Ric Grech - Bass Guitar, Cello, Violin, Vocals (in band: 1966 - 1969)
Roger Chapman - Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone, Vocals (in band: 1966 - 1973)
Charlie Whitney - Acoustic guitar , Banjo, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Lead guitar, Mandolin, Organ, Steel guitar , Vocals (in band: 1966 - 1973)
Harry Ovenall - Drums, Percussion (in band: Jan 1967 - Sept 1967)


Nicky Hopkins - Organ, Piano
Rob Townsend - Drums, Harmonica, Percussion (in band: 1968 - 1973)
John Weider - Acoustic guitar , Bass Guitar, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Resonator Guitar [Dobro], Violin (in band: 1969 - 1971)
Poli Palmer - Drums, Electric piano, Flute, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, Vibes, Vibraphone (in band: 1969 - 1972)
John Wetton - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (in band: 1971 - 1972)
Jim Cregan - Bass Guitar, Guitar (in band: 1972 - 1973)
Tony Ashton - Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (in band: 1972 - 1973)

Biography Picture

     Family formed in Leichester, 1967 by Charlie Whitney, Roger Chapman, Jim King and Ric Grech. They had stemmed from James King and the Farinas, a band who existed for 5 years and who issued one single in 1964 „You’d Better Stop / I Like It Like That”. 

    In 1966 James King and the Farinas changed their name to their name to The Roaring Sixties, which soon changed to Family in October 1966. On Saturday, October 22, 1966 The Family played for the first time at the famous Cavern Club. On Thursday, December 3, 1966 The Family played a ”All-Nighter” at The Midnight Club, Birmingham, Warwickshire, UK, with The Who.

     Signing to Reprise in 1968, following a one – off  7” for Liberty. Traffic’s Dave Mason & Jimmy Miller produced the debut album „Music From a Doll’s House”, which made the UK Top 40. Chapman’s unmistakable, frog-in throat vocal style, complimented  to distinctive guitar ang Whitney’s, Grech violin, create an enduring classic and soon marked the band out an cult favourites, The follow-up „Entertainment” included „Weaver’s Answer”, a song which went  on to become a staple of the band infamous live show.

     Soon after album’s release, Grech departed for Blind Faith, being replaced by John Weider, The band also recruited Poli Palmer on keyboards in place of saxophonist King before releasing two Top 10 albums within a year, A Song From Me” and „Anyway”. Unusually for prog-rock outfit, Family were no strangers to hit singles, the classic „In My Own Time” (from „Anyway”)reaching No. 4, following on from the memorable successes”No Mules Fool” and „Strange Band”.

     During the next three years the band  went through yet more personnel shifts, perhaps accounting for the inconsistency of their last two albums, While “Fearless” was quite impressive, “Bandstand” was patchy, although it did spawn one of their last hits, “Burlesque. Family then moved to the Raft label where they recorded their final, slightly disappointing effort, “It’s Only a Movie”, in 1973.

     The album was a complite flop and the band broke up, Chapman and Whitney going on to form the more basic Streetwalkers. Chapman has released numerous solo albums, begining with Chappo in ’79. Included on these albums were a number of covers: - “Left’s Spend the Night Together” (Rolling Stones) / “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” (Willie Dixon) / “Keep a Knockin“ (Little Richard)  / “I’m a King Bee (Sam Moore) / “Stone Free” (Jimi Hendrix) / “Love Letters in the Sand” (Pat Boone ?) / “Slow Down” (Hank Williams) / “Busted Loose” (Paul Brady) / “Talking About You” (Chuck Berry).

Source: The Great Rock Discography - Martin C.Strong, 1st Edition, Publisher: Crown Publishers, ISBN-10: 0812931114, p. 263-264


Music in a Doll's House (Jul 15, 1968)
Family Entertainment (Feb, 1969)
A Song For Me (Jan 23, 1970)
Anyway (Nov, 1970)
Fearless (Oct 29, 1971)
Bandstand (Sep, 1972)
It's Only A Movie (Sep, 1973)

Singles & EPs

Scene Through the Eye of a Lens (Sep, 1967)
Me My Friend (Jun, 1968)
Old Songs, New Songs (Feb, 1968)
Second Generation Woman (Nov, 1968)
No Mule's Fool (Oct 3, 1969)
Today (Apr, 1970)
The Weavers Answer (Aug, 1970)
In My Own Time (Jun, 1971)
Larf and Sing (Nov, 1971)
Burlesque (Sep, 1972)
My Friend the Sun (Dec 8, 1972)
Boom Bang (May 11, 1973)
Sweet Desiree (Sep, 1973)
It's Only a Movie (Oct, 1973)

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