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Years: 1975 - August 1979
Styles: Art Rock, Pop Rock, Soft Rock


Philip Eizenberg - Guitar (in band: 1975 - 1977)
Ken Firth - Bass Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1975 - 1978)
William Miller - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1975 - 1979)
David Springfield - Guitar, Vocals (in band: 1975 - 1979)


Pam Miller - Backing vocals (in band: 1976 - 1977)
Jane Miller - Backing vocals, Keyboards (in band: 1976 - 1978)
Rick Brewer - Drums, Percussion (in band: 1976 - 1979)
George Cross - Bass Guitar (in band: 1978)
Ric Petropolis - Bass Guitar (in band: 1978 - 1979)

Biography Picture

   The Ferrets formed in Sydney (Australia) early in 1975 but relocated to Melbourne almost immediately. Billy Miller (vocals, guitar), Dave Springfield (guitar) and Firth (bass) had all previously worked together on the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

  The band came to the attention of Countdown compere Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, who was instrumental in getting them signed to Mushroom Records. He personally took the band into the studio in July 1976 to begin work on their debut album. When the album was finally released, Meldrum’s credit was listed as “Producer: Willie Everfinish” . . .

   Their first single, "Robin Hood", was released in April 1977 but was unsuccessful. The follow-up in June – "Don’t Fall In Love" – went straight to #1 in Melbourne and #3 nationally amid a blaze of publicity.

    The long-awaited debut album, Dreams of a Love, was rush-released in October 1977, but never reached higher than #20 on the album charts. Third single, "Janie May", reached #25 in November.

     By Christmas, Pam Miller (one of Billy’s two sisters who sang with the band) and Phil Eisenberg had departed, with (other sister) Jane moving to keyboards.

     After one more unsuccessful single ("Are You Looking At Me?"), she also called it a day, along with bassist Ken Firth. He was replaced by George Cross, leaving a line-up of just Miller, Springfield, Brewer and Cross.

     This four-piece Ferrets line-up released the single "This Night" and the album Fame At Any Price in September 1978, but neither record was successful and Cross was replaced by Ric Petropolis.

    Charisma Records released Dreams Of A Love and the single "Don’t Fall In Love" in the UK and Europe at the end of the year. The Ferrets released a final single, "Tripsville", in January 1979 and broke up two months later.

     Billy Miller formed another band called The Spaniards, who released three singles and a mini-album in the 1980s, but met with little success.



Dreams Of A Love (1977)
Fame At Any Price (1978)

Singles & EPs

Robin Hood (Apr, 1977)
Don't Fall In Love (Jun, 1977)
Janie May (Oct, 1977)
Are You Looking At Me? (Apr, 1978)
This Night (Sep, 1978)
Tripsville (Jan, 1979)

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