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Cardiac Kidz
United States

Years: 1978 - 1981
Styles: Garage Rock, Hard Rock, New Wave, Punk Rock


Jerry Flack - Backing vocals, Lead guitar (in band: 1978 - 1979)
Steve Lightfoot - Bass Guitar (in band: 1978 - 1979)
Bill Williams - Backing vocals, Rhythm guitar (in band: 1978 - 1981)
Jim Ryan - Drums, Lead vocals, Percussion (in band: 1978 - 1981)


Bill Lubbers - Backing vocals, Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar (in band: 1979 - 1981)
Joe Foy - Bass Guitar (in band: 1979 - 1981)

Biography Picture    Jim Ryan drummer/lead vocalist and Billy Williams rhythm guitarist were members of the Southern California punk band Glass Onion (band)during the mid-1970‘s. Glass Onion did local county tours and debuted at the San Diego Bicentennial fair. They also recorded and performed at the Straight Ahead Sound theatre and Recording Studio in San Diego California.

     The band performed to moderate success but disbanded in 1976 due to a stylistic division between the pair and band mate Terry Thompson. Jim Ryan / Billy Williams began playing with Jerry Flack lead guitarist and Steve Lightfoot bass guitarist,eventually organizing the band The Cardiac Kidz.

     In 1979 and 1980, the band recorded and toured to increasing interest. The Lub-Dub record label, was created by Jim Ryan the drummer and lead vocalist of the band in early 1976. The Cardiac Kidz ’s debut single, "Get Out / Find Yourself A Way", was released in February 1979 on the Lub-Dub label, seven months after the release of the single the group released a 4 song 45 vinyl EP Playground also on the Lub-Dub record label, The songs were taken from a live recorded show at the Spirit Night club located in San Diego.

    The Cardiac Kidz performed after guest bands The Standbys and the X-terminators performed. This event made the Cardiac Kidz the first San Diego punk band to record a live show and release it on vinyl.The band members were Bill Williams on rhythm and lead guitar and backup vocals, Jim Ryan on drums and lead vocals, Steve Lightfoot on bass, who was replaced by Joe Foy, Jerry Flack, who was replaced by Bill Lubbers on rhythm and lead guitar.



Get Out! (2009)

Singles & EPs

Get Out (1979)
Playground (1979)

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