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United Kingdom

Years: 1963 - 1964
Styles: Beat


Graham Gouldman - Rhythm guitar, Vocals (in band: 1963 - 1964)


Bernard Basso - Bass Guitar
Mo Sperling - Drums, Vocals
Stephen Pollock - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Jacobson - Lead guitar (in band: 1963 - 1964)
Malcolm Wagner - Vibraphone (in band: 1963 - 1964)

Biography Picture    The Whirlwinds were formed in 1963 by 17 year-old Graham Gouldman on rhythm guitar  and Phil Cohen. Later they were joined by Steve Jacobson on lead guitar, bongos (born Steven Jacobson), Bernard Basso on bass. Jacobson was a next door neighbor to Lol Creme

   The band rehearsed at The Jewish Lads Brigade, which was also known as The Jewish Alliance Brigade a local Jewish Youth Club in Manchester, Lancashire, the same place as other local bands, Group 17 and The Sabres also rehearsed. They were also the house band here, and it was here, that Gouldman met The Whirlwinds future manager one Harvey Lisburg, who was then at Manchester University, studying for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commerce.  

    Wagner and Basso were in the same year at Heys Boys Secondary School in Prestwich, Lancashire. In 1957 Gouldman had brought his first guitar and also gone to North Salford Secondary School in Salford, Lancashire, having before that gone to Sedgley Park Country Primary School from 1951. Gouldman had been in a number of bands before The Whirlwinds: The High Spots, The Cravattes and The Planets. Kevin Godley, who would later play with Gouldman in Hotlegs (1970 - 1972), 10cc (from 1972), had also gone to Sedgley Park School.

     The band secured a recording contract with HMV and recorded a Buddy Holly song ''Look At Me'' and ''Baby's not Like You,'' written by Lol Creme

     The Whirlwinds lasted until Late 1964 when Gouldmen dissolved the band and in February 1965 he formed The Mockingbirds.


Singles & EPs

Look At Me (May 22, 1964)

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