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Manchester Mob
United Kingdom

Years: 1967
Styles: Beat, Mod Rock


Peter Cowap - Guitar, Vocals
Graham Gouldman - Guitar, Vocals

Biography Picture     Gouldman wanted to expand upon his songwriting career by trying his luck as a record producer, but singles for Friday Brown and Little Frankie & The Country Gentlemen didn’t bring much success. However, Gouldman instigated a casual songwriting partnership with his friend Peter Cowap, leader of The Country Gents. Notably the two came up with ”The Cost Of Living” for The Downliners Sect’s last Columbia single, released in September 1966, while Cowap wrote ”How To Find A Lover” for The Mockingbirds, released on Decca the following month.

     Gouldman and Cowap also launched a couple of very interesting studio projects onto record that same year, when they brought a few people together in the recording studio to cut some new songs they had written.

    First out was a group called High Society. This was swiftly followed by The Manchester Mob, who revived two classic rock and roll songs in one with ”Bony Maronie At The Hop”.

    The group comprised Gouldman and Cowap, again using Phil Dennys, Clem Cattini and John Paul Jones as session men. Produced by Mike Collier the single was released on UK Parlophone/EMI in January 1967. It was a fantastic record packed with energy, but rather unfashionable at a time when when the hippie fad was coming in big.

     Gouldman and Cowap shared the lead vocal work on the recording. The B-side, credited to Plonk, was a sort of tribute to the new influences from other parts of the world entering rock music at the time.


Singles & EPs

Bony Maronie At The Hop (Jan 13, 1967)

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