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Styles: Christian Rock, Folk Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock


Gilles Bergeron - Guitar
Yves Chevalie - Electric piano, Flute, Organ
René Depere - Electric piano, Organ
François Kirouac - Bass Guitar, Guitar
Marc Lebel - Guitar, Vocals
Jacques Mercure - Bass Guitar, Guitar
Carole Paquin - Bass Guitar


Claude Duchesneau - Trumpet
André Dumont - Vocals
Michel Martel - Percussion
Jean Piché - Guitar, Vocals


     Agape is a Canadian progressive band who conjured up a dark organ sound layered with pleasant woodwind, sound effects and weird vocals sung in French on this their sole offering.

     The stand-out track is the opener "Ouverture", with its dramatic organ introduction and imaginative electronic effects, and there are lots of ideas and diversity here to interest connoisseurs of progressivism, Xian and Canadian psychedelic collectors.


Le Troisième Seuil (1972)

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