Progressive Rock

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I.D. Company

Years: 1970
Styles: Experimental Rock, Progressive Rock


Dagmar Krause - Vocals (in band: 1970)
Inga Rumpf - Vocals (in band: 1970)


Frank St. Peter - Flute, Saxophone (in band: 1970)
Hans Hartmann - Double bass, Sitar (in band: 1970)
Joe Nay - Percussion (in band: 1970)
Wolfgang Kliegel - Violin (in band: 1970)

Biography Picture     The City Preachers broke up in 1969, but their lead singer Inga Rumpf and Krause reunited in 1970 to record I.D. Company, the name of a studio project where each vocalist sung lead on and determined the direction of one side of the LP (Krause's side indicated her future direction with its avant-garde slant).





I.D. Company (1970)

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