Garage Rock

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Leigh Stephens
United States

Years: 1968 – present
Styles: Acid Rock, Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock


Leigh Stephens - Acoustic guitar , Backing vocals, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Lead guitar, Organ, Slide guitar, Vocals (in band: 1968 - present)

Biography Picture    Leigh Stephens is an American  guitarist  and songwriter best known for being former lead guitarist of the San Francisco psychedelic rock group Blue Cheer.

    Stephens has recorded two albums with the band, "Vincebus Eruptum" and "Outsideinside". He has claimed to have been the only member of the band who did not use drugs. His replacement as Blue Cheer's lead guitarist was Randy Holden.

    Stephens went on to form Silver Metre in 1969, with Pete SearsMicky Waller  (drummer), and Jack Reynolds (singer), recorded one album at Trident Studios in London, England, released on the National General Records, produced by their manager, FM rock radio pioneer Tom Donahue.

    His 1971 album, "And a Cast of Thousands" featured among other musicians, his fellow bandmembers from the above-mentioned band, together with the power trio Ashton, Gardner & Dyke, together with the two sax players from IfDave QuinceyDick Morrissey, and Jethro Tull bassist, Glenn Cornick.

     He was ranked number 98 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.



Red Weather (Feb, 1969)
And A Cast Of Thousands (1971)

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