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Larry van Kriedt

Birth date: 1954
Birth country: United States
Birth place: San Francisco, CA
Instruments: Bass Guitar


AC/DC (1973 - 1974; 1975)

Biography Picture   Larry Van Kriedt was the first  bassist with rock band  AC/DC.  He was recruited at the time of the group's formation in 1973, joining  Malcolm Young  (rhythm guitar),  Angus Young (lead guitar), Dave Evans (lead vocals) and Colin Burgess (drums). Van Kriedt also played occasional  saxophone.

   Multi-instrumental Larry was born in San Francisco into a musical family. His father was the renowned jazz  musician  David van Kriedt who composed, arranged played and recorded with such artists as Dave BrubeckPaul DesmondStan Kenton and many more. All of Larry’s life has been centered on music, particularly jazz. He began playing the double bass at age 9, guitar at 12, and added saxophone and vocals to the list at 15. He studied jazz, harmony, composition and musical arrangement with his father.

    In 1969, at age 15, his family moved to Sydney, Australia where he met Angus Young shortly after arrival. He started hanging out with Angus and his brother, Malcolm Young. Larry is described as being an accomplished jazz-influenced guitarist during this period. One of his first studio sessions was as the bassist in the original line-up of AC/DC in 1973.

    Van Kriedt was with the band for around four months, and after his departure in February 1974 he was replaced by Rob Bailey. AC/DC employed a succession of bass players over the following few months, and Van Kriedt returned for a few days in January 1975 after Rob Bailey was fired. It was then decided that the role of bass player would be filled by Malcolm Young or older brother George Young until a more permanent solution could be found. That solution arrived in the form of Mark Evans in March 1975. Until Axl Rose joined as a guest vocalist in 2016, Van Kriedt had been the only member in the group's history to be born in the US.

    From 1997 to 1999, he lived in Morocco, working there as a musician with his band Afram doing radio, television and concerts such as the first Gnawa Festival in Essaouira in 1998, and raising money for the charity, B.A.Y.T.I. After leaving Morocco he travelled the world busking, that is, playing jazz on the street from London to Provence to Sydney. This was when he started making backing tracks of jazz standards.

    In 2002, Van Kriedt pioneered the first online downloadable jazz playalong backing track e-business,

     In 2007, he worked with Paul Agbakoba in The LPs.


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