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Rick Fenn

Birth date: May 23, 1953
Birth country: United Kingdom
Instruments: Acoustic guitar , Backing vocals, Fretless bass, Guitar, Organ, Vocals


10CC (1976 – 1983; 1993 – 1995; 1999 – present)


Girls - Eric Stewart (1980)
Animalympics - Graham Gouldman (1980)
Frooty Rooties - Eric Stewart (1982)
And Another Thing... - Graham Gouldman (2000)

Biography Picture   Richard "Rick" Fenn is an English rock guitarist. He is best known for being a member of the band 10cc since 1976. He has also collaborated with Mike OldfieldRick Wakeman, Hollies singer Peter Howarth and Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

    Rick’s musical career started in Oxford where he was leader of the school band 'Bagshot Louie'. The band folded once school was out in 1971 and Rick moved to Cambridge, not as an undergraduate but to attend Cambridge College of Arts & Technology.

    After completing an HND business studies course, Rick joined a Cambridge band called Hamilton Gray who moved to Manchester and became the band 'Gentlemen'. Their debut TV appearance on a show called 'So It Goes' (along with the Sex Pistols) resulted in a liaison with Paul Burgess who soon after, recommended him to 10CC which he joined towards the end of 1976 at the launch of the "Deceptive Bends" album and has been part of the team ever since.

    From 1979 he also toured and recorded with Mike Oldfield and with him co-wrote the song “Family Man” which went on to become a big hit for Hall & Oates all over the world and win him an A.S.C.A.P. award for best song in 1984.

    In 1985 Rick wrote and recorded his own album "Profiles" with The Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason. The single from the album, "Lie for a Lie" sung by David Gilmour and featuring Maggie Reilly was a hit in the U.S.A. Also in the 1980s Fenn and Mason formed Bamboo Music, a company that produced music jingles for corporate clients.

    Over the years he has toured with artists such as Rick Wakeman, Jack BruceElkie Brooks and Wax (with Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman). As a guitarist, he has recorded with numerous artists among them Cliff RichardPeter Green, Agnetha (ABBA) Fältskog, Sniff 'n' the TearsJohn Wetton and Justin Hayward.

    From the late 80s, Rick devoted more of his time to composing and wrote countless scores for T.V. documentaries, dramas and comedies (including series for Hale and Pace and Craig Charles) and a number of feature films. Amongst those were White of the Eye which was another collaboration with Nick Mason. Over the years he has won several awards for high-profile commercial sound tracks.

    One soundtrack that won him a Gold Clio award in America in 1989 for best song, featured Peter Howarth on vocals. He went on to form a writing partnership with Peter, now the lead singer with the Hollies, and in 1990 they wrote a Rock opera called "Robin, Prince of Sherwood" which toured the UK for a year and spent four months in the West End. Rick and Peter have other projects in the pipeline. They also periodically assemble a troupe of high pedigree musicians and gig as the Feramones.

     Rick most recently toured throughout Germany as part of the Nokia Night of the Proms Band where, as well as 10cc, he played with Tears For FearsRobin Gibb and Kim Wilde.

     When not working with 10cc, Rick now spends most of his time at his home near Byron Bay, NSW, in Australia.




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