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Eric Albronda

Birth date: Nov 18, 1945
Instruments: Drums


Blue Cheer (1967)

Biography Picture     Eric Albronda is a co-founder of the band Blue Cheer. Along with Jerry Russell, Albronda initially organized the San Francisco-based band in 1966 and provided financing. Albronda was also the first drummer for the band, prior to being replaced by Paul Whaley.

    He then was involved in Blue Cheer's management and produced or co-produced five of the band's albums. He also co-produced (with Leigh Stephens) "Red Weather", the first solo album by former Blue Cheer guitarist Leigh Stephens, as well as the eponymous sole album by one of Stephens' post Blue Cheer bands, Pilot.

    Albronda continued his association with Blue Cheer in later years, and was instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the band's official website.

    The album "Pilot" had as the principal player rather Bruce Stephens, often confused with Leigh StephensEric Albronda co-produced the "Pilot" album with Bruce Stephens at Trident Studios in London. The recordings were done in 1971 and released on RCA Records. The song "Fillmore Shuffle" was covered by Sammy Hagar. A song about the perils of substance abuse.


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