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Ric Grech

Birth date: Nov 1, 1946
Birth country: France
Birth place: Bordeaux
Death date: Mar 17, 1990
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Violin, Vocals, Cello


KGB (1975 - 1976)
Traffic (1970 - 1972)
Blind Faith (1969)
Family (1966 - 1969)
Roaring Sixties (1966)
James King and the Farinas (1965 - 1966)
Ginger Baker & Friends
Ginger Baker's Airforce


Holy Magick - Graham Bond (Dec 18, 1970)
Smiler - Rod Stewart (Oct 4, 1974)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture

Born Richard Roman Grechko .

    A quiet but notable bassist, Ric Grech, who had been living in England since childhood, was just twenty when the Leicester-based soul/pop act James Kind and the Farinas began to gain local notoriety.

   With the acquisition of ‘distinctive’ vocalist Roger Chapman in 1967, they became Family, earning a residency in London and a contract with Reprise. The line-up – Grech, Chapman, Charlie Whitney (guitar), Jim King (saxophone) and Rob Townsend (drums) – proved a popular draw across Britain and went on to enjoy significant album and singles chart success, although much of this was after Grech had left.

     He had, however, contributed several compositions to the albums "Music in a Doll’s House" (1968) and "Family Entertainment" (1969). Grech then played the lesser star alongside Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and Ginger Baker in that most notable of supergroups Blind Faith, to whose one album he also contributed violin. This, and his subsequent stints with Ginger Baker’s Airforce and then Traffic, were not to last more than a year, the restless bass guitarist then also serving with The Bee Gees, Graham Bond, John Mayall, Gram Parsons and Rod Stewart throughout the seventies.

     Grech even played with a touring line-up of The Crickets in 1973. Despite this constant work, Grech had a quiet eighties and was believed near-destitute by the time he was hospitalized in Leicester. He died from combined liver and kidney failure.

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