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Rick Wills

Birth date: Dec 5, 1947
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: London, England
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Percussion


Bad Company (1992 - 1998; 2001)
Foreigner (1979 - 1992)
Small Faces (1976 - 1978)
Roxy Music (1973 - 1975)
Parrish & Gurvitz (1971 - 1972)
Jokers Wild (1966 - 1967)

Biography Picture  Richard William "Rick" Wills is a British bass player. He is best known for his work with rock band Foreigner and his associations with the Small Faces and Bad Company.

    His first noteable association came when he linked up with friend David Gilmour (pre-Pink Floyd) and Willie Wilson in Joker's Wild, who toured primarily in Europe.

    In 1975, Rick auditioned for the spot as Roxy Music's touring bass player, got the job and a week later started a series of U.S. and European tours.

    In the late winter of 1979, Rick Wills just happened to be in New York City, attending to some business matters when a friend told him that Foreigner was looking for a bass player. Rick recorded another four albums with the band: "4", "Agent Provocateur","Inside Information" and "Unusual Heat". 

  In 1992 Rick Wills joined Bad Company and took part in the recordings of three of its albums: "The Best Of Bad Company Live... What You Hear Is What You Get", "Company Of Strangers" where he co-wrote the song "Pretty Woman", and "Stories Told And Untold".

     Rick left Bad Company in 1998, but he re-joined the band temporarily in 2001 to tour U.S.A. along with lead vocalist Paul Rodgers, drummer Simon Kirke (both original band members) and longtime Bad Company guitarist David "Bucket" Colwell

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