Psychedelic Rock

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Steve Grant

Instruments: Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals, Backing vocals, Keyboards, Lead guitar


Animals (1983)
Alan Price

Biography Picture    Steve Grant plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, violin and sings. His musical highlight so far is working with George Harrison (The Beatles) twice, and even recording a Beatles song with him.

     Soon after Steve turned pro, he was taken under the wing of Chas Chandler, producer of Jimi Hendrix, where he recorded a rather strange album and released 3 singles. Gigged up and down the Uk with his band Top Secret.

    Steve has an extensive career history, notable moments include: Recording albums with Alan Price (The Animals) in the 80's, then joining his band as guitarist. World tour with the reformed Animals in 1983. Writing two songs for their album "Ark" (70,000 copies sold). Biggest shows were with The Police in 70,000 seater baseball stadiums in Florida.

Toured Europe/ Australia and recorded with Eric Burdon. Toured Uk and recorded with Alan Price.

Co-produced three albums with Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) and joined his band as  keyboard player. Musical Director and guitarist of a Country and Western band called The Woolpackers. Top 20 hit called "Hillbilly Rock". First album selling over 1 million copies.

Steve joined The Sweet as keyboardist/guitarist in 1996, and has toured all over the world since then. Leaving the Sweet in 2011. Steve Grant has additionally recorded, produced, performed and written with Suzi Quatro, David Essex, Desmond Decker, John Farnham, Eric Burdon, Annabella, Chris Farlowe, Maggie Bell, Clarence Clemons and more.


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