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Jakub “Kuba” Szczepanski

Birth date: May 6, 1938
Birth country: Poland
Instruments: Violin



Biography Picture     Jan Jakub Szczepanski (later nicknamed “Kuba”) was born in Poland. He began to study violin at the age of 7. Then he went on to study the violin at the Conservatoire until the age of 24. In 1959, already as a professional violinist, he began to play in a famous Polish Folk Orchestra. But that wasn`t enough for Szczepanski, he was eager to go on with his studies, therefore in 1962 he moved to Brussels to study under his mentor Andre Gertler. From 1968 to 1970 he was performing in the Brussels Opera Philharmonic Orchestra. Many times Szczepanski was deemed one of the most interesting instrumentalists of the band.

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