Rhythm and Blues

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Vic Briggs

Birth date: Feb 14, 1945
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone


Steampacket (Jun 1965 - Aug 1966)
Eric Burdon and the Animals (1966 - July 1968)


     Victor Harvey Pictureggs III is a former blues and rock musician, best known as the lead guitarist with Eric Burdon and The Animals during the 1966-1968 period. Briggs currently plays classical Indian and Hawaiian music.

   Vic Briggs played  guitar  and piano with various groups in the 1960s, including Rod StewartThe RokesThe Echoes (Dusty Springfield's backing group),  Steampacket , Brian Auger's TrinityJohnny Hallyday and Eric Burdon and The Animals.

    In the 1970s Briggs became a Sikh and took the name Vikram Singh Khalsa. He moved to San Diego, where he had a plumbing business in the 80s. He has made several albums of Indian music and was the first non-Indian to perform kirtan at Harimandir Sahib (also called the Golden Temple of Amritsar).

    Briggs currently goes by the name Antion and plays Hawaiian chant music.

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