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Nippy Noya

Birth date: Feb 27, 1946
Birth country: Indonesia
Birth place: Sulawesi
Instruments: Percussion


Animals (1983)
Eric Burdon's Fire Dept. (1980)

Biography Picture    Nippy Noya is an  Indonesian, Netherlands based percussionist  and songwriter, specialising in congas, kalimba, bongos, campana, güiro, cabasa, shek, caxixi, triangle and the berimbau.

      Son of Japanese  Taiko drummer Fusao San Nakato, he was born on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and came to Europe in 1968. He began his professional career as a conga player in Amsterdam with percussion-rock band Massada. He stayed with them from 1970 - 1975 and left afterwards to become an in-demand musician.

     Artists he since played and recorded with include Peter Herbolzheimer, John McLaughlinJan AkkermanHellmut HattlerVolker KriegelEarth and Fire, Animals,  Stan Getz and Dick Morrissey. In addition he toured with Richard TeeEric BurdonBilly CobhamMiko Aleksic, Chaka KhanPeter MaffayUdo LindenbergGitte HaenningJohn Hondorp and Herbert Grönemeyer. He also taught and performed with the young children of the Kelly Family.

     Since 1992, he has been a professor at the Conservatory of Music in  Enschede,  Netherlands. In 2001, Noya joined a Polish jazz/funky band The Globetrotters, consisting of vocalist Kuba Badach, vibrafonist Bernard Maseli, and saxophonist Jerzy Główczewski. The band has released several albums.

     Throughout the years he occasionally guested with Massada and is now a full-time-member again.

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