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Dirk Bogaert

Birth date: Oct 26, 1948
Birth country: Belgium
Birth place: Ghent
Instruments: Flute, Vocals


Abraxis (1976)
Waterloo (1969 - 1972)


Babel - Cos (1978)

Biography Picture     Dirk Bogaert was singing in the school`s choir when at the age of 12 he was taken to the Brussels opera as a boy soloist in Verdi`s “Nabuchodonosor.” At the same time he bought his first guitar and, just as the rest, learned to play it himself. He went on to study in the art school and in 1963 founded his first band The Wrong. He started to play a bass guitar and became a bassist and later also vocalist of the band.

    Three years later, together with guitarist Gus Roan and keyboardist Marc Malyster he formed a blues-rock band called The Act. In 1967 the band`s name was changed to Today`s Version. At that time Dirk learned to play a flute, inspired by the flautist Roland Kirk. So in Today`s Version he assumed not only a vocalist`s and bassist`s, but also a flautist`s role.

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