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Denny Carmassi

Birth country: United States
Birth place: San Francisco, CA
Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Vocals


Foreigner (2002)
Whitesnake (1994 - 1997)
Coverdale · Page (1991 - 1993)
Gamma (1980 - 2000)
St. Paradise (1979)
Sammy Hagar (1977; 1997)
Montrose (1973 - 1977)


Into The Light - David Coverdale (2000)
Strength In Numbers - .38 Special (Apr 21, 1986)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture

   Denny Carmassi is an  American drummer. He was born into a family of drummers; his father, his uncle, and his brother each played the drums. Some of Denny's earliest memories are his father rehearsing after work with his band in the kitchen of their home. Occasionally they allowed young Denny Carmassi to sit in with them. His father exposed him to great drummers, including  Buddy Rich, Jimmy Vincent and Richard Goldberg. Then Denny listened the radio and discovered several drummers like Earl PalmerD.J. FontanaAl Jackson Jr.(Denny actually learned to play the drums from listening to Al's and playing along with the Booker T. & the M.G.'s Green Onions  album), Clyde StubblefieldJabo StarksDino DanelliGinger BakerMitch MitchellJohn Bonham and Tony Williams.

   Out of high school, Denny started playing topless clubs in San Francisco. He joined a band called Sweet Linda Devine, and recorded an album in New York on Columbia, produced by Al Kooper, but before long they parted ways. Denny went on to work with several local bands in the San Francisco Bay Area and began working with Montrose and Sammy Hagar in the 1970s.

     Carmassi was a member of the first four line-ups of the band Montrose. After Montrose, he played with his former Montrose bandmate Sammy Hagar as a solo artist, and with his former Montrose bandmates Ronnie Montrose and Jim Alcivar in the band Gamma.

     Denny has played with HeartCoverdale-PageWhitesnake, and David Coverdale as a solo artist. He also recorded with Randy MeisnerKim CarnesAl StewartJoe Walsh38 SpecialCinderella, St. Paradise, Randy Newman and many more. Denny toured with Foreigner in 2002. Currently, he performs with Mercy (featuring Lynda Morrison).


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