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Chris Slade

Birth date: Oct 30, 1946
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Pontypridd, Glamorgan, South Wales
Instruments: Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals, Harmonica, Vocals


AC/DC (1989 – 1994; 2015 – present)
Firm (1984 - 1986)
Uriah Heep (1979 - 1981)
Terra Nova (1979 - 1980)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band (1971 - 1978)
Steamhammer (1967 - 1968)

Biography Picture    Chris Slade is a Welsh  rock  musician and drummer, best known for playing for the Australian hard rock band  AC/DC.  He is the current drummer  for the group, and previously drummed for the band from 1989 to 1994, performing on their 1990 album The Razors Edge along with their first live album with singer Brian JohnsonAC/DC Live. He returned to the band in February 2015 to replace Phil Rudd for the "Rock or Bust World Tour". 

     Slade was born Christopher Rees in PontypriddGlamorganSouth Wales. He has worked with Gary NumanTom JonesOlivia Newton-John (as co-members of the band Toomorrow), and Uriah Heep. He was a member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band from 1972 to 1978. In the mid-1980s Slade played with Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page in The Firm. He has played with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and also Gary Moore on his 1989 world tour.

     Slade received his highest exposure in November 1989 when he was asked to join AC/DC after their then-drummer Simon Wright had departed. AC/DC were signed to the same management company as Gary Moore, with whom Slade had just finished touring. The Young brothers (Angus and Malcolm) initially hired Slade only temporarily through management, then asked him–during the recording of the only album he made with them–to join the band. Slade played on The Razors Edge album in 1990 and the accompanying world tour, and the "Big Gun" single released in 1993.

    According to Slade, after working on demos for the following album, Ballbreaker, Malcolm Young called Slade and told him they wanted to try a reunion with former drummer Phil Rudd

     After his departure Slade spent a few years living in the UK countryside, before receiving a call from Geoff Downes of the British progressive rock group Asia. Slade played with Asia for six years, before departing in September 2005.

     Slade has fronted an AC/DC tribute band called Chris Slade Steel Circle, and toured with The Chris Slade Timeline – a band formed to celebrate 50 years as a rock drummer. The band takes music from all aspects of his lengthy career. In Slade’s absence, the band continues to tour under the name Centaur Parting.

     Speculation regarding Slade's return to AC/DC started shortly after Phil Rudd’s legal troubles became public. In a December 2014 podcast by Chris Jericho, Jericho mentioned that he had it on good authority that Slade would be returning to AC/DC. Slade was photographed signing albums with the band on 7 February 2015. After the photo appeared publicly, Slade finally admitted that he was going to be the band’s drummer and admitted to secrecy surrounding his return, and stated that it was done for the right reasons. The band then issued a statement that “Chris Slade will be on drums for the upcoming Rock or Bust world tour.” Since that time, in addition to playing live, Slade has appeared in all promotional photos taken with the band and appeared in the music video for the single “Rock the Blues Away”. In late April 2015 AC/DC's official website listed him as the band's drummer.


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