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John Wetton

Birth date: Jun 12, 1949
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Willington, Derby, England
Death date: Jan 31, 2017
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Electric piano, Mellotron, Vocals, Guitar, Lead vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Backing vocals


Uriah Heep (1975 - 1976)
King Crimson (1972 – 1974)
Family (1971 - 1972)
Renaissance (1971 - 1972)


Take No Prisoners - David Byron (1975)
Somebody's Watching - Rare Bird (1973)
Grandine il vento - Renaissance (May, 2013)

Biography Picture

     John Kenneth Wetton is an English bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter. He has been a professional musician since the late 1960s. He initially rose to fame in progressive rock with bands such as Mogul Thrash, Family, King Crimson, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Uriah Heep, UK, Jack-Knife, and Wishbone Ash. His biggest commercial success was as the frontman and principal songwriter of the supergroup Asia. Their self-titled debut album sold 8 million copies worldwide and was Billboard magazine's #1 album of 1982.

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