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Pete Clifford

Birth date: May 10, 1943
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Whetstone, London
Instruments: Guitar, Voice, Vocals


Scrugg (1968 - 1969)
Bats (1968 -)
Floribunda Rose (1967 - 1968)


Battle Hymn of the Broken Hearted Horde - Freedom's Children (1968)

Biography Picture

    Pete Clifford attended Oakleigh Primary and Holly Park Secondary Modern High School, Whetstone. He made his professional debut as a guitar player at the age of 15 and, as a member of the Echoes, accompanied Dusty Springfield on her tours to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, England, Europe and South Africa. He also backed John Mayall and Gene Pitney in England and, after leaving The Echoes, toured with Tom Jones as one of his musicians.

     Pete came to South Africa with the band 004 in 1965. With Johnny Kongos and some members of 004, Pete formed the band Floribunda Rose and returned to the UK. After recording a single (Linda Loves Linda), Floribunda Rose disbanded.

    Pete, Johnny Kongos, Doc Watson and Chris Dee formed a new group called Scrugg. After recording three singles the group disbanded, where upon Pete decided to settle permanently in South Africa, where he joined The Bats.

    After the demise of The Bats, Pete Clifford teamed up with Johnny Noble and Bobby Louw in a comedy act. Following this he toured the South Coastas part of a four-piece band called Replay. Pete decided to settle in Pietermaritzburg where he established a guitar school. Besides running his school, he also tutored pupils in guitar at Hilton College and St Anne’s in Pietermaritzburg until 1990. During this period he played for semi-professional gigs and also teamed up for a while with The Statesmen. In the early Nineties, he turned his talents to the culinary world and bought a restaurant in Barbeton, which he currently manages.  


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