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Warren Haynes

Birth date: Apr 6, 1960
Birth country: United States
Birth place: Asheville, North Carolina
Instruments: Lead guitar, Slide guitar, Vocals, Backing vocals, Rhythm guitar


Allman Brothers Band (1989 - 1997; 2000 – 2014)
Dickey Betts Band (1988)

Biography Picture    Warren Haynes is an American  rock and blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Haynes is best known for his work as longtime guitarist with The Allman Brothers Band and as founding member of the jam band Gov't Mule.

   Early in his career he was a guitarist for David Allan Coe and The Dickey Betts Band. Haynes also is known for his associations with the surviving members of The Grateful Dead, including touring with Phil Lesh and Friends and The Dead. In addition, Haynes founded and manages Evil Teen Records.

   Warren Haynes joined David Allan Coe's touring and recording band in 1980 when he was 20 years old. He remained with Coe's band for four years.

   After Coe, Haynes got a gig with The Nighthawks, while continuing to play with local musicians and doing session guitar and vocal work. 

Around 1987, Haynes got a call to perform backup vocals on a studio album by Dickey Betts, along with Dennis Robbins. Betts, who had concentrated on his solo career following the break-up of The Allman Brothers Band, decided to add Haynes to his band as his guitarist after the session. With Matt Abts on drums and Johnny Neel on keyboards, the now formed Dickey Betts Band released the 1988 album "Pattern Disruptive". In the same year, Haynes also co-wrote the title track for Gregg Allman Band album "Just Before the Bullets Fly".

     In 1989, The Allman Brothers Band decided to reunite, and Betts recruited Haynes to join the band. Also joining were Neel on keyboards and Allen Woody on bass guitar. Haynes has since played on four well-received studio albums, including the gold certified "Where It All Begins" (1994). 

     In 1994, Haynes formed Gov't Mule with Abts and Woody. Haynes and Woody initially split time between Gov't Mule and The Allman Brothers Band, but after The Allman Brothers' last show of their 1997 run at New York's Beacon Theatre on March 26, 1997, both left the band to focus on Gov't Mule full-time. 

     Since the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995, Haynes has performed and toured with many of the surviving members of the Grateful Dead. In 1997, Haynes and Abts came onstage to jam with Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman in a small club. The performance was being filmed for Robert Mugge's film on Robert JohnsonHellhound On My Trail. Then in 1999, Phil Lesh approached him to play lead guitar and sing for his solo group Phil Lesh & Friends, where he played for 3 years.

    Haynes has recorded two instructional videos: "Electric Blues & Slide Guitar" and "Acoustic Slide and the art of Electric Improvisation". He discusses his influences and shows an array of techniques such as "call and response", string bending, vibrato, slide guitar in standard tuning and some acoustic open tuning licks in G and E tunings. For the demonstrations of the electric improvisation section of the second video, he is accompanied by Allen Woody and Matt Abts.

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