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Paul Whaley

Birth date: Jan 14, 1946
Birth country: United States
Instruments: Drums, Vocals


Randy Holden (1993)
Blue Cheer (1967 - 1969; 1969; 1984 - 1985; 1990 - 1993; 1999 - 2005; 2005 - 2009)
Oxford Circle (1965 - 1967)
Hideaways (1964)


Old Music Encyclopedia Picture     Paul Whaley is an American drummer best known as the drummer for rock band Blue Cheer. He grew up in the town of Davis, California, where he played drums with a local band called the Oxford Circle. Whaley is credited on the Oxford Circle album "Live at the Avalon" 1966.

     When he left the Oxford Circle to join Blue Cheer in 1967, the former band dissolved. He was the longest-standing member in Blue Cheer other than founder Dickie Peterson in the band when it broke up in late 2009, following Peterson's death at age 63.


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