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David Rosenthal

Birth country: United States
Instruments: Hammond organ, Keyboards


Rainbow (Nov, 1981 - Mar, 1984)


Slip Of The Tongue - Whitesnake (Nov 13, 1989)

Biography Picture  David Rosenthal is an American keyboardist, music producer, and songwriter mostly known for working with the English hard rock band  Rainbow and Billy Joel. Rosenthal has been nominated for three Grammy Awards, and in addition to Rainbow and Joel, has toured and recorded with Bruce Springsteen, Enrique Iglesias, Robert PalmerSteve Vai, Cyndi LauperYngwie Malmsteen, Little Steven and Happy the Man.

     After the breakup of Rainbow, David Rosenthal pursued a career in hard rock releasing the album Never Say Surrender in 1993 with his band David Rosenthal's Red Dawn, featuring former Rainbow and Alice Cooper band members. The album was released in Japan and is highly acclaimed as one of the best kept secrets of arena rock. Rosenthal had also recorded some demos previously with singer Mitch Malloy and guitarist Reb Beach.   

  Rosenthal co-wrote the No. 11 R&B hit "Let Me Take You Down" by Stacy Lattisaw. He is also credited with co-writing the songs "Miss Mistreated" from Rainbow's 1982 album Straight Between the Eyes, and "Can't Let You Go" and "Fire Dance" from Rainbow's 1983 album Bent Out of Shape.

     In 2000, he joined a reunited Happy the Man, replacing long-time keyboardist Kit Watkins. He recorded one album with them in 2004 called The Muse Awakens.


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