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Tony Carey

Birth date: Oct 16, 1953
Birth country: United States
Birth place: Watsonville, California
Instruments: Keyboards


Rainbow (Aug, 1975 - Jan, 1977; May, 1977 - Jul, 1977)

Biography Picture

   Anthony Lawrence Carey is an American-born, European-based musician, composer, producer, and singer/songwriter. One of his earliest musical experiences was in a band called Blessings, in which he played until 1975 when Ritchie Blackmore hired him as keyboardist for Rainbow.

   Tony Carey recorded one studio album with Rainbow, the highly acclaimed Rising (1976, #48 on The Billboard 200). Carey's more notable work on the album included the keyboard introduction to "Tarot Woman", the first track on the Rainbow Rising album and the keyboard solo on "A Light in the Black", the last cut on the album.

     During Carey's two world tours with Rainbow, live material was recorded and subsequently released as two double LPs, On Stage (1977, #65 on The Billboard 200) and Live in Germany (1994). In addition to the two double LPs, a six-disc CD box set containing music from those tours, Deutschland Tournee 1976, was released in 2006.

      After his departure from Rainbow, he began a solo career, releasing albums under his own name as well under the pseudonym Planet P Project, and producing for and performing with other artists.


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