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Greg Ridley

Birth date: Oct 23, 1947
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Carlisle
Death date: Nov 19, 2003
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Percussion, Skins, Vocals


Humble Pie (1969 - 1975; 2001 - 2003)


Playmates - Small Faces (1977)


   Introducing himself to the music industry as the Dino of Dino & The Danubes, bassist/guitarist Greg Ridley became a well-known figure in British rock with his twin stints in major groups Humble Pie and Spooky Tooth.

   The latter band came about after Ridley created The VIPs with school-pal singer/keyboardist Mike Harrison, the pair of them recruiting Luther Grosvenor (guitar, later of Mott the Hoople), Gary Wright (organ, later solo) and Mike Kellie (drums). This band made several albums, though Ridley was to leave after 1969’s Spooky Two: that year, the bassist received an offer he couldn’t refuse – to join ex-Small Faces legend Steve Marriott in a new supergroup called Humble Pie. The band – Ridley, Marriott (vocals/guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar) and Jerry Shirley (drums) – scored an immediate smash with "Natural Born Bugie" (1969) but weren’t to achieve further hits.

     After the breakup of Humble Pie in 1977, Ridley took a break from music, a return to the game with the band Boxer not proving satisfactory. Greg Ridley died after a stroke on holiday in Spain had left him comatose.

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