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Malcolm Pool

Birth date: Jan 10, 1943
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Hayes End, Middlesex
Instruments: Double bass, Bass Guitar


Accolade (1969 - 1970)
St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)

Biography Picture     Malcolm Pool  was the bassist with the 1960s R&B group The Artwoods from 1963, until the band split up in 1968.

     Following the demise of The Artwoods, Pool joined a jazz band with Ted Wood, the middle brother between vocalist Art Wood and guitarist Ronnie Wood. The band performed at various gigs in and around London, with a Wednesday evening residency at the Kensington Hotel.

     In 1969, Pool joined Accolade with Don Partridge, Gordon Giltrap, Brian Cresswell and Ian Hoyle. Accolade recorded one album in 1969. Pool left Accolade in 1970, after an incident when Partridge walked off stage during a tour of Sweden.

     During April and May 1970, Pool played with Colosseum until a new bass player was found to replace Tony Reeves. He performed with Colosseum at the Hollywood Music Festival, Newcastle-under-Lyme on 24 May 1970.

      Pool left the music industry in 1970, and joined Ted Wood, Art Wood and Jim Willis at West Four Design, a graphic design partnership.

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