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Mont Campbell

Birth date: Dec 30, 1950
Birth country: Egypt
Birth place: Ismailia
Instruments: Bass Guitar, Vocals, French Horn , Piano


Arzachel (Juny 1969)
National Health (1975 - 1976)
Gilgamesh (1975)
Egg (1969 - 1972)
Uriel (1967 - 1968)


The Rotters' Club - Hatfield and the North (Mar, 1975)

Biography Picture     Hugo Martin Montgomery Campbell , formerly known as Mont Campbell, now Dirk Campbell is a British  progressive rockmusician, best known as a member of progressive rock band Egg.

    In 1966, the family moved from Brighton to London where Campbell attended the City of London Boys School. While at school he met guitarist Steve Hillage and keyboardist Dave Stewart, whereupon the three formed the band Uriel in early 1968. Following Hillage's departure, the band changed its name to Egg. Campbell played bass guitar in the group and was its main composer, citing Igor Stravinsky as his main influence.

   Campbell left Egg and attended the Royal College of Music, studying the French horn and composition. He reunited with his former Egg bandmates for their final album "The Civil Surface" in 1974, which consisted of unreleased material from 1971–72, including what many view as his masterpiece in the progressive rock canon, Enneagram.

    After a brief stint with Gilgamesh, in 1975 he again linked up with Stewart as part of the original line-up of National Health, for which he composed several pieces, including "Paracelsus", "Agrippa", "Zabaglione" and "Starlight On Seaweed". In June 1976, prior to National Health securing a recording contract, Campbell left the band after a UK tour.

    In 1977, he changed his name to Dirk Campbell and moved away from rock music.

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