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Clive Brooks

Birth date: Dec 28, 1949
Birth country: United Kingdom
Birth place: Bow, East London
Instruments: Drums, Percussion


Arzachel (Juny 1969)
Liar (1977 - 1979)
Groundhogs (1972 - 1974)
Egg (1969 - 1972)
Uriel (1967 - 1968)

Biography Picture    Clive Colin Brooks  is a drummer, best known for his work in the  English  progressive rock band Egg.

   In 1967, Brooks joined Uriel, a rock group formed by City of London School pupils Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell and Steve Hillage. With Hillage's departure in mid-1968, the remaining three continued as a trio and became Egg in January 1969. The band re-grouped later under the name Arzachel and released one album in 1969.

    Under the musical leadership of Mont Campbell, short songs began to give way to long complex instrumentals influenced as much by Stravinsky as by the odd time signatures of Soft Machine. Psychedelia continued to loom large in Egg's consciousness, and when the group were let loose in a recording studio for the first time they revelled in the new sonic possibilities it offered, creating the deranged soundscape "Boilk" on their first eponymous LP. "Egg" battled on for another couple of years before disbanding in 1972.

   After the demise of Egg, Brooks joined The Groundhogs, recording two albums, "Hogwash" and "Solid". In 1977, Brooks joined the UK band Liar recording two albums, "Straight From the Hip" and "Set the World on Fire".

    Brooks then became a regular drum technician for Pink Floyd, working with the band through to 1994. Brooks has also worked as a drum technician for bands such as Toto, Robbie WilliamsJeff Wayne.

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