Garage Rock

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Craig Atkinson

Birth date: 1947
Birth country: United States
Birth place: Springfield, Missouri
Death date: Oct 13, 1998
Instruments: Drums


Count Five


         Real name Byron Craig Atkinson
     Craig "Butch" Atkinson (1947, Springfield, Missouri – 1998) was the drummer with garage-rock group The Count Five. He has also worked as a session man. After the Count Five, Craig graduated from San Jose State University.

       Upon graduation he entered the United States Navy and became a Naval Aviator flying P-3C Orion aircraft with Patrol Squadron 9 out of Naval Air Station Moffett Field in Mountain View, California. In 1977, Craig left the United States Navy and became a pilot for Delta Air Lines. During the years since the Count Five, Craig was able to be reunited several times with the other members of the Count Five.

       Atkinson died in 1998 from complications of surgery. 

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