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Colleen Peterson

Birth date: Nov 14, 1950
Birth country: Canada
Birth place: Peterborough, ON
Death date: Oct 9, 1996
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar


3'S a Crowd (1967; July 1968 - April 1969)
Five D

Biography Picture  Canadian Country Musician. Colleen Peterson bought her first guitar in 1963 and began playing in coffeehouses in and around Toronto. She later begame a member of the folk trio, Three's A Crowd with Bruce Cockburn and David Wiffen.

   In 1994 as a member of the group, Quartette they won the CCMA for vocal collaboration and a Juno Award later for the album, "No Pain, No Gain." Colleen Peterson's last album was released on August 20, 1996.

   Colleen Peterson died on October 9, 1996, after a battle with cancer.

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