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Brent Titcomb

Birth date: Aug 10, 1940
Birth country: Canada
Birth place: Vancouver, British Columbia
Instruments: Guitar, Vocals


3'S a Crowd (Spring 1965 - July 1968)
Bill Schwartz Quartet (1964 - 1965)

Biography Picture  Brent Arthur Titcomb is a Canadian actor and musician. He was an original member of the folk rock group 3`s A Crowd starting in 1965 in Vancouver and they eventually moved to Toronto, then pursued a solo career as a folk singer, appearing over the next 20 years in clubs and at festivals in Canada (including the Festival of Friends, Hamilton, Ont, annually beginning in 1976), the USA and, in 1983, Mexico.

  He also performed thrice in the 1970s with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

  Titcomb began working occasionally in  the mid-1970s as an actor in radio and TV dramas and commercials, and has also done 'voice-overs' for commercials and for such Canadian children's animated TV series in the 1980s as 'Clifford the Dog' and 'The Care Bears'.

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